AVIWEST DMNG Tx/Rx Kit - Rental

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AVIWEST DMNG Tx/Rx Kit - Rental
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  • Weight
    40 lbs
  • SKU
  • Rental Period

  • Rental Insurance Options


Specify Start and End dates of the rental period:

The AVIWEST DMNG Tx/Rx Kit Includes 1 Income Channel:
Data transfer billed at $20/GB after the kit is returned.
- DMNG PRO180-RA bonded LTE transmitter
- StudioHub receiver with HDSDI/HLS/RTMP/MPEG-TS outputs
- V-Mount battery adaptor
- 1 x 15V DC adaptor
- 8x SIM cards with service (Telus, Bell, Rogers)
- Ask about additional input channels and batteries

Recommended for:
Low latency single video capture (up to 10 MBps 1080p) and transmission to the StreamHub receiver over LTE networks. Recommended: pre-configured LTE Modem rental.

Equipment Availability:

Pick-up or Shipping:
Pick-up from our office, or select 2-Way Shipping during checkout. A minimum of 1-Week rental is required when selecting the shipping option. 

Rental Duration Rules:
- Office hours Monday to Friday 9 - 5 PM (excluding holidays).
- Rentals due back by a weekend or a holiday, must be returned by the next business day.
- Rentals begin before noon of the 1st calendar day, and ends before noon of the last day booked.
- Weekends are considered as 3-Day rental. Pickup Friday morning and return Monday morning.
- Transit time (shipping) is calculated towards your rental period duration. For example, we ship Monday, you get the gear Wednesday, and ship back Friday - if we get the rental back by Monday - the rental period will be 1-Week.

Production Insurance:
Before pickup be prepared to show a "production insurance" binder addressed to The Streaming Store, or leave a credit card deposit for the value of the equipment rented. Contact Front Raw Insurance (Canada) or Atos Insurance (USA) to purchase an instant short term production insurance. 



  • Description
    Highly Efficient AVIWEST DMNG PRO180 Transmitter for Live HD Video Streaming with 2nd High Bit Rate Encoder with ASI Output. Featuring real time network detection, eight 3G/4G internal modems with an internal high-efficiency custom antenna array, a built-in Wi-Fi modem, and two best-in-class H.264 video encoders, the DMNG PRO180 can be used to stream live HD video down to the receiver with minimal delay.

    Designed with you in mind, the unit is just over 2 lbs and can be easily connected to any professional camera (e.g., SD/HD SDI, analog [BNC] and HDMI) and mounted via V-Mount, Gold Mount, or PAG plates. The DMNG PRO180 allows easy configuration, operation and intercom.

    DMNG PRO 180-RA with support for 2 External QUAD Antennas for Indoor or Vehicle use. Robust signal transmission enables live broadcasts anywhere in the world: In addition to the internal custom antennas, the DMNG PRO180-RA version, pictured below in 3D, has eight MCX antenna connectors on its front panel. These can be used to support two AVIWEST QUAD wideband external cellular antenna arrays to strengthen signal transmission in critical environments such as live from vehicles on the move.

  • Function
    - Live & Auto-record
    - Store & Forward
    - Progressive Store and Forward
  • Features
    - IFB return channel
    - Tally Light
    - Geolocation
    - IP Bridge
    - Dual Encoding (Live & Auto-record)
    - HD & SD downscaling
    - Forward Error Correction (FEC)
    - AES Encryption (256-bit)

  • Video

  • Inputs
    - HD/SD-SDI embedded audio (BNC)
    - Composite video (BNC)
    - Analog Audio L&R (BNC)
    - HDMI (1.3)
  • Protocols
    - RTP Unicast streaming
    - RTP Multicast streaming (IGMP)
    - MPEG-2 Transport Stream over UDP/IP
    - RTMP, RTSP, HLS, TS/IP (DMNG StreamHub)
  • Compression
    - H.264/AVC Main/High Profile level 4
    - 1080p/1080i/720p/576i/480i @ 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25 fps
    - Bitrates: 100 Kbps to 20 Mbps
    - CBR / Capped VBR / VBR
    - Simultaneous Live & Auto-record at different bitrates

  • Audio

  • Compression
    - AAC-LC/HE-AAC v2; 24 to 256 Kbps
    - MPEG-1 Layer II; 32 to 384 Kbps
    - Dual mono / Stereo

  • Network

  • Interface
    - 4 x 3G/4G-LTE build-in modems with 8 high efficiency
    custom antennas
    - 4 x MCX connectors for 2 AVIWEST QUAD antenna arrays
    - 1 built-in Wi-Fi modem with high efficiency custom
    antenna (client and access point modes)
    - 2 external USB 2.0 ports
    - Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (LAN, WAN, BGAN,
    Thuraya & KA Band Satellite)
  • Ports
    - ASI-TS out (BNC)
    - USB 2.0 (Forward, etc.)
    - SD card slot
    - Stereo mini jack (3.5mm) in & out (IFB)
    - Expansion port (RS232, RS485)

  • Other

  • Operation
    - Dynamic video resolution
    - Glass-to-glass latency: down to 1 sec
    - Preset profiles & manual modes
  • Monitoring
    - Rotating touchscreen
    - On screen video preview
    - Remote configuration from Web GUI (any devices)
    - Remote control from receiver (DMNG StreamHub)
    - Remote control from manager (DMNG Manager)
    - Remote control from smartphones (DMNG Remote)
  • Power
    - 12-24V input XLR 4 pins - Hot swap
    - Average power consumption: 30W
    - V-Mount or Gold Mount or PAGLOK plates
  • Physical
    - Dimensions: 245 x 128 x 55 mm
    - Weight (Kg/Lb): 1.16 / 2.55
    - Operating temperatures: -10°C to +50°C
  • Rental Period
    Select 3-Day Rental Package, Select 4-Day Rental Package, Select 7-Day Rental Package, Select 30-Day Rental Package
  • Rental Insurance Options
    I will bring my own insurance., I will leave a deposit., Contact me to discuss options.