Matrox Monarch LCS Kit - Rental

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Matrox Monarch LCS Kit - Rental
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  • Weight
    14 lbs
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  • Rental Period

  • Rental Insurance Options


Specify Start and End dates of the rental period:

The Matrox Monarch LCS Kit Includes:
- Matrox Monarch LCS
- Power adaptor
- Carrying case

System Management:
The encoder is controlled via a computer browser. The controller (Windows/Mac) and the encoder must be on the same network.

IMPORTANT: Read and complete these instructions for preparing a USB/SD card before recording.

Recommended for:
2-channel SDI/HDMI video capture, dual resolution/bitrate output, enhanced split-screen or PIP presentation mode, live streaming and recording. NOTE: the 2 video inputs can't be mixed, rather appear side by side with the proper software (player software download required).

Equipment Availability:

Pick-up or Shipping:
Pick-up from our office, or select 2-Way Shipping during checkout. A minimum of 1-Week rental is required when selecting the shipping option. Equipment ships from Toronto.

Rental Duration Rules:
- Office hours Monday to Friday 9 - 5 PM (excluding holidays).
- Rentals due back by a weekend or a holiday, must be returned by the next business day.
- Rentals begin before noon of the 1st calendar day, and ends before noon of the last day booked.
- Weekends are considered as 3-Day rental. Pickup Friday morning and return Monday morning.
- Transit time (shipping) is calculated towards your rental period duration. For example, we ship Monday, you get the gear Wednesday, and ship back Friday - if we get the rental back by Monday - the rental period will be 1-Week.

Production Insurance:
Before pickup be prepared to show a "production insurance" binder addressed to The Streaming Store, or leave a credit card deposit for the value of the equipment rented. Contact Front Raw Insurance (Canada) or Atos Insurance (USA) to purchase an instant short term production insurance. 



  • Description
    HDSDI/HDMI 2-Channel Lecture Capture Appliance for mixing, recording, and streaming live events. Packed in a small factor light weight hard shell casing, this H.264 portable encoder provides a perfect solution to the long anticipated wait for a video + slides presentation encoder that Enterprises, Government agencies, and schools were used to. Connect a HDSDI or HDMI video feed, a laptop with HDMI output, and configure presentations where the video and the slide source are delivered side by side in a split screen or as a picture in picture.

    IT administrators will find this reliable, standalone network appliance simple to set up and integrate into any open Video Management System (VMS) or Lecture Management System (LMS). Monarch LCS lets you easily define profiles for live streamed and recorded lectures by mixing camera and presentation material from SDI and HDMI sources. Once configured, this versatile H.264 encoding appliance can be operated by anyone at the push of a button. And it won’t break your budget!

  • Video

  • Input/Output
    1x HDMI input
    1x HDSDI input

    1x HDMI output

  • Channels
    2-Channel video processing

  • Audio

  • Input/Output
    1x Embed audio in the HDMI signal
    1x Embed audio in the HDSDI signal

    1x Analog audio input

    1x Analog audio output

  • Shipping

  • Packing
    Pelican case 20x20x10 in, 10 lbs
  • Rental Period
    Select 3-Day Rental Package, Select 4-Day Rental Package, Select 1-Week Rental Package, Select 1-Month Rental Package
  • Rental Insurance Options
    I will leave a deposit., I will bring my own insurance., Contact me to discuss options.