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Wirecast One for Mac is the only cross-platform, all-in-one live streaming production software that enables capture, live production, and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously. Wirecast is ideal for streaming or recording live internet shows, broadcasting breaking news and sports, streaming live concerts and games, transmitting church services, corporate meetings, lectures and more. This is a download version.

Product features:
- Single camera input
- Stream to any single destination
- 3 master mixing layers
- Built-in chroma key
- On-screen Twitter and RSS feed display
- 20+ transitions
- One year of Basic Support

Recommended system requirements:
- Windows 10, macOS High Sierra
- i5 Quad-Core
- 16 GB RAM
- 500GB+, Solid State OS Drive
- Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon, 1GB+ video memory
- 5 MBps upload speed for live streaming (wired internet connection)
This product comes with 1-year free technical support with replies by next business day (a $99.00 value). Additional support will be billed after the 1st year at $99.00. Optional: add "Premium Support" to this order and get priority handling & phone-support (8-hours response time).   
See all the features of Wirecast (One vs. Studio vs. Pro).


See the product technical overview:



    Operating System

  • Minimum Requirement
    Mac OS Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan
    Please note:
    Wirecast 9 does not support OS X Yosemite or previous versions of OS X

  • Internet Connection

  • Bandwidth
    - Requires internet connectivity with HTTP/HTTPS port 80, and RTMP port 1935 open for streaming, Remote Desktop Presenter requires opening port 7272.
    An internet connection is recommended for Wirecast 7.0 license activation.
    - For lowest quality (240p) streaming an upload rate of at least 650Kbps is required.
    - 720p streaming requires an upload rate of at least 2500 Kbps.
    - 1080p streaming requires an upload rate of at least 4500 Kbps.
    - Wirecast Cam requires iOS 8 or later.

  • Hardware

  • Requirement
    Minimum System Requirements:
    Processor: i5 dual-core @ 2.3GHz1
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 2GB2, 7200 RPM for record to disk
    Graphics Card: Intel HD3, DirectX 11 capable

    Recommended System Requirements:
    Processor: i7 quad-core @ 2.8GHz+
    Memory: 16GB+ RAM
    Hard Drive: 500GB+, Solid State OS Drive
    Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon, 1GB+ video memory

    Consider lowering your canvas frame rate and/or streaming resolution to lower CPU usage.
    It is recommended that an upload rate of at least double the desired rate be available.
    Solid State Drive or fast RAID array recommended for ISO Recording and Replay functionality. Actual data rates will vary depending on quality level selected for ProRes (Mac OS X) or MJPEG recording (Windows), as well as the resolution and frame rate selected.
    For Mac OS X ProRes recording please refer to Apple’s ProRes data rate specifications

    Windows MJPEG Best Quality Guidelines (Megabytes per second):
    - 1080i and 1080p 29.97 and 30 FPS, MJPEG Best Quality – ~25MB/sec
    - 1080p 60 FPS, MJPEG Best Quality – ~50 MB/sec
    - 720p 59.94 and 60 FPS, MJPEG Best Quality – ~20 MB/sec
  • Acceleration
    Intel Quick Sync Video encoding requires an Intel CPU with an Intel® QuickSync Video core.
    NVIDIA NVENC encoding requires an nvidia GPU with Kepler architecture or newer.
    Apple Hardware Accelerated H.264 encoding requires a Mac with an integrated Intel GPU.
  • Technical Support
    Standard Support, Premium Support
  • Brands
    • Brands

What is new in Wirecast?

Wirecast Rendezvous
Bring in up to 7 live guests into your broadcasts with Rendezvous, Wirecast’s built-in peer-to-peer conferencing, screen-sharing and remote contribution solution. Integration with Wirecast Go iOS app, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Facebook Live Comments
Use the included Titler Live Express (free with Wirecast 8) to curate and display Facebook comments and posts directly on screen in beautiful, custom-animated templates.

Multi-track Audio Mixing (Pro)
Record or output up to 8 separate audio tracks (mixes) per broadcast. Perfect for multi-language streaming or isolating audio tracks for post production.

NewBlueFX Titler Live 3
Wirecast ships with the latest version of NewBlueFX’s award winning live graphics and titling program. Create beautful 3D animated titles and graphics, and choose from hundreds of templates or build your own.

Multi Viewer
Preview any source or camera angle on any connected display. Customize your layouts so you can see all your content at a glance.

Multi-channel Audio Ingest
Now you can bring in up to 16 channels of audio per source. Avoid unnecessary upstream mixing and get the sound you want in Wirecast. Support for ASIO and WASAPI compatible devices added.

Clocks & Timers
Add the time and date to any broadcast or create customer clocks, timers and stopwatches you can control with the click of a mouse.

Wirecast Go 2.0
Using our new and improved free* iOS app, you can stream to any Wirecast system from any location using your LTE or wifi connection with Rendezvous. Perfect for live remote production and contribution. *in-app purchases

Dropshadow & Reflection
Add beautiful, customizable reflections and dropshadows to any source. Works with chroma keyed and live sources, so it only applies the effect on the correct part of the image.


In addition to the already great features you know:

Faster Perfomance (Mac & Windows)
GPU-accelerated encoding – Take advantage of powerful, cost-efficient hardware encoding capabilities for better performance. (Requires Intel QuickSync or nVidia NVENC hardware). Lower CPU Usage – Wirecast 7 uses less of your CPU overall than any previous version due to performance optimizations.

Tools for monitoring – Graphic representations of System CPU usage, memory, framerate, bitrate, and RTMP Queue size help you see the strength of your stream or diagnose problems.

Dynamic Editor
Resize, position, crop, flip rotate, add color correction filters and more. Use Wirecast’s powerful graphic editing features to compose picture-in-picture shots or layer up to 250 different sources on screen at the same time!

Output Statistics
Displays the statistics window for your broadcast. You can select to display: Framerate, System CPU Usage, and System Memory Usage.

Video Sync
Delay the video and/or audio of an incoming source to better sync. Save thousands of dollars on expensive hardware.

Audio Mixing
Our built-in audio mixer allows for better control over any audio source. Mix-minus, panning, solo, mute and audio playout device selection are some of the powerful new audio features we’ve added.

ISO Recording (Pro only)
Create high-resolution recordings of your individual (isolated) cameras or audio sources. Isolate clean shots (no titling or lower thirds) that can be used later for editing offline or for live replay during an event. (Note: must have valid license to use this feature; this is a Pro feature only.)

3D Animated Titles
Create beautiful, fully animated titles and graphics with Titler Live Express (a $99 value), now FREE with purchase of Wirecast 7. Choose from over 60 professionally-designed main title and lower third templates then customize the color, font and image to fit your needs. Now it's easier than ever to bring jaw-dropping animated 3D titles to your live streams.

Queue a list of multiple videos, images, audio or live shots to play successively. This is great for adding commercial breaks, for streaming archived content during off hours, or it can even be used to rotate live camera views. Automate your broadcast workflow between media and live shots. A separate playlist window lets you easily create playlists and see what’s scheduled. Drag-and-drop new content, trim and edit recorded video, and set what happens upon completion of the playlist - return to your last live shot, loop content, hold last shot, or display current preview window.
Easy media editing
Easily trim and edit your recorded media (including replays) from the new preview window. With any piece of media you can custom configure its length, and set in and out points. Zoom in on timeline for more precise editing.
Replay (PRO version required)
Wirecast now lets you capture and replay clips of your live production. Great for sporting events or any live show where you want to go back and reshow a portion of the broadcast. During a live show, simply click the “replay” button to capture a clip and add it to a master layer. When replaying, you can slow it down, speed it up, or scrub across the entire clip to find the exact point you want to show. You can also suppress audio or add another audio track and set up a template for your Replay shots.  Easily create highlight reels by combining Replay with Playlists.
iOS Sources
Wirecast 6 integrates with a new, free iOS app—WirecastCam. Download the app and use any iPhone (4S or newer) or iPad on your Wifi network as an ingest source into Wirecast. Great for adding more camera sources or user-generated content to your live broadcasts.
NewBlue Titler Pro integration from Source Settings
Create infinite title styles for lower thirds quickly and simply with the GPU-accelerated NewBlue Titler Pro for Wirecast. Stylize your titles with custom bevels, textures, layer blending, lighting control and even animation. An array of templates is included to get you started. (Plug-in is sold separately.)
Twitter feed
Add Twitter messages directly to your broadcast. The new social media editor allows you to search tweets by text string, user name, hashtag, or user timeline and select only the ones you’d like to display. Using Wirecast’s layers overlay Social media messages on your live or recorded shots.
Custom Graphics in Scoreboards/Keyboard Shortcuts for Scorekeeping (PRO version required)
Skin the Wirecast scoreboards with you own school graphics and logos. Keyboard shortcuts ensure you keep up with the action.
Audio Preview
Check your audio before it goes live. Preview the audio of any shot when it’s in the preview window.
More Keyboard Shortcuts for Shots
Use new keyboards shortcuts for faster switching, shot set-up, and production.
Recoverable File Format
Expect the best, prepare for the worst. With Wirecast 6, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that in case of an interruption or crash to your system, you can recover your recording up to the point of the crash.
Wirecast now operates in 64-bit mode, which improves memory usage and overall performance. This means better quality for your high-resolution broadcasts.
Retina Display Support
For Mac, Wirecast 6 now displays onscreen in full 2880 x 1800-resolution with brilliant detail.
Enhanced encoding and playback
x264 encoding for stunning quality at low bit rates
You now have the choice to use x264 to live encode your stream. x264 offers high quality encoding with lower bitrates, making it one of the best low-latency video streaming formats in the world.
Stream Delay
With support for stream delay in Flash, now you can delay your streamed broadcasts to add a buffer between your live stream and broadcast. Gamers: perfect for delaying your stream to hide your strategy from online competitors.
Improved H.264 playback
Now you get even smoother playback of your pre-recorded H.264 videos in Wirecast.
Efficiently, redesigned user interface
Redesigned Shot List
Now you can see all your Master Layers at once in the easy-to-manage Shot List area. Easily resize the height of your layers to save space, and even drag-and-drop shots between layers.
Intuitive Broadcast Settings workflow
Same settings, now even simpler to use. Just choose where you want to stream live, then configure your settings in the newly redesigned broadcast settings dialog box.
Live Preview Swap
Easily switch back and forth between two shots with a click of the Live Preview Swap button.
More powerful screen capture
Capture multiple windows on the same computer
Wirecast 5 lets you broadcast multiple application windows from the same computer efficiently and smoothly.
Full HD 60 frames per second capture
Let the games begin! Stream your computer desktop screen in HD at 60 FPS with amazing quality. Great for live game streaming
New input and output integrations
Program feed output to Blackmagic Design (PRO only)
Take your Wirecast feed out directly to Blackmagic Design Intensity or DeckLink hardware. Ideal for sending live feeds directly into editing, effects and broadcast design systems.
The Blackmagic Design partnership is the first of many integrations for Wirecast’s new Output SDK, which enables SDI/HDMI progressive program feed out.
Input web streams as sources  
Now bring IP or web-based live feeds directly into Wirecast as sources. Wirecast supports RTMP, RTSP, MMS or HTTP sources. This is great for news, sports, and other live shows where you have remote sources. See compatible supported Camera/Capture cards: http://www.telestream.net/wirecast/features.htm#cameras
Stream Live
Stream to multiple destinations and bitrates simultaneously
Want to stream in both HD and SD to a live streaming service and your own internal streaming server? Easy! Set up your project to simultaneously stream to multiple destinations and bitrates with just a few clicks.
New! x264 encoding for stunning quality at low bit rates
You now have the choice to use x264 to live encode your stream. x264 offers high quality encoding with lower bitrates, making it one of the best low-latency video streaming formats in the world.
Stream and/or save to disk
Save your production to disk for future archiving or on-demand distribution, as you are simultaneously live broadcasting your event.
Virtual Camera and Microphone output
Wirecast video and audio output can be picked up as a source in other devices or software for example: Skype*, Google Hangouts and GotoMeeting (Windows only).
Broadcast to an external monitor
Wirecast's External Display Output option allows users to display their live Wirecast stream on an external monitor. This is perfect for users who need to show their live stream to an in-house audience on monitors, projectors or other display systems. This feature also give you the flexibility to send your video signal through a scan converter to allow output to broadcast workflows.
Stream Delay
With support for stream delay in Flash, now you can delay your streamed broadcasts to add a buffer between your live stream and broadcast. Gamers: perfect for delaying your stream to hide your strategy from online competitors.