Teradek Bolt 500 SDI/HDMI 1TX/1RX

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Teradek Bolt 500 SDI/HDMI 1TX/1RX
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  • Weight
    8 lbs
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The Bolt 500 SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver Kit from Teradek includes one Bolt Pro 500 SDI/HDMI Transmitter, one Bolt Pro 500 SDI/HDMI Receiver, one black Panel Antenna Array 5 GHz, Bolt Receiver Single Gold Mount Battery Plate, and an SKB Waterproof Utility Case.

The Bolt Pro 500 Video Transmitter is latency-free and wirelessly sends 4:2:2, 1080p60 video up to 500’ over the unlicensed 5 GHz band. It has both HD-SDI and HDMI inputs, and offers RP-SMA connections for external antennas.

The Bolt Pro 500 Video Receiver uses a new RF design that allows a transmission range of up to 500’ line-of-sight. It supports wireless HD video with zero delay (

What's in the box? This set comes with 1 Transmitter, 1 Receiver, 1 SKB Case, and a 1 Year Warranty

3 x HDMI 18in Cable (Type A to Type A)
3 x SDI (BNC to BNC) Cable 10 inch

1 x 2-pin Connector to PowerTap 18 inch Cable
1 x Hot Shoe Adapter (1/4"-20 inch)
1 x HDMI 18in Cable (Type A to Type A)
1 x SDI (BNC to BNC) Cable 10 inch

1 x Thumb Screw 1.25 inch length (1/4"-20 inch)
1 x Lightstand Adapter (1/4"-20 inch)
1 x SDI (BNC to BNC) Cable 10 inch
1 x PSU 2-Pin Connector to 18W AC Adapter 6ft cable

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  • Resolution
    1080p 60 fps
  • Input/Output
    3G-SDI & HDMI
  • Multicast
    Up to 4 Rx

  • Connectivity

  • Range
    500 feet
  • Rapid Reconnect
  • Number of 20 MHz DFS channels
  • Number of 40 MHz DFS channels
  • TX HDMI / SDI Converter
  • Latency
    < 0.001 seconds

  • Other

  • Metadata Support
  • USB 3.0 Grab Engine
  • Specifications
    Size (Tx): 24 x 66 x 102 mm

    Weight: 217g / 299g
  • Brands
    • Brands

Refer to the specification page for detail feature availability per model.


Built Like a Tank
Bolt is housed in a hardened aluminum chassis designed to withstand years of abuse in both extremely hot and cold conditions. Both the TX and RX feature 1⁄4”-20 holes for mounting to cameras and monitors as well as 2-pin Lemo connectors for power. Unique to Bolt 1000 and 3000, a built-in OLED on the RX allows you to quickly configure the system as well as apply 3D LUTs at the touch of a button.

Wireless Video Refined
Bolt transmits visually lossless 4:2:2 video over the unlicensed 5GHz band at less than 1 millisecond of delay. Bolt’s new firmware ensures your system reaches its full potential right out of the box. We’ve also improved reconnect times so your wireless link is restored instantly when you come back into range.

Reliable Transmission in Any Environment
Operate more than twice as many wireless systems at one location or evade heavy interference. With Bolt 3000, you can transmit over 20MHz channels for a more robust signal in challenging RF conditions.

*20MHz channels allow you to operate more wireless systems at once in a single location and offer a more robust wireless link in challenging RF conditions. However, audio transmission, as well as interlaced, PSF, and 1080p60/50 frame rates are not currently supported.

Smaller, Lighter, and Even More Rugged
The Bolt 1000 and 3000 transmitters are 20% smaller than previous systems and lighter too. We’ve also improved their resilience in high heat conditions so that they operate flawlessly all the way up to 130F.

More Channels to Transmit Over
Bolt also offers manual frequency control so your crew can carefully manage your wireless workflow wherever you’re shooting. The Bolt 3000 can operate on 2 new DFS channels, allowing interference-free video transmission in more environments than ever before.

Transmit to Multiple Receivers
All Bolt models are multicast capable up to 4 receivers of the same range at the same time. This means you can send your video feed to monitors, switchers, recorders, and even Teradek Cubes simultaneously with no loss in quality or added delay.

Built-in Cross Conversion *
Every Bolt model supports real-time standards and cross conversion from TX to RX, allowing you to automatically convert resolution, frame rate, and inputs/outputs (HDMI / 3G-SDI) without any additional hardware.

Metadata & Time Code Support
All 3G-SDI Bolt models support metadata, timecode, and start/stop flags from many camera manufacturers, including RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.

3D LUT Integration
Apply the look you’re after directly to your wireless video feed using Bolt’s integrated 3D LUT technology. Upload your own LUTs using the free Bolt Manager software or select from a number of built-in presets using Bolt’s OSD.

Cut Through the Interference
The Panel Array Antenna is your go-to solution for cutting through wireless interference in crowded environments. When attached to a Bolt 1000 or 3000, the antenna provides and extremely robust directional signal that will ensure your signal arrives uninterrupted.

Built-In HDMI to SDI Converter
Perfect for use with MoVI and other gimbals, Bolt’s TX features a built-in HDMI to SDI converter, allowing you to connect both your on-camera monitor and video source via the same device.

Forget About Capture Cards
Bolt’s USB 3.0 GRAB Engine allows you to ingest a Bolt feed directly into a computer or your DIT cart without any added delay or loss of quality.