Cloud Rentals Explained

Looking for a vMix Cloud rental? Find out how this service works.

1. Pre-order at least 1 day prior to the time you need access to the server.

2. Billable at a flat USD 100 fee per instance per day.

3. No trials or demos. This service is used by dozens of our customers to produce and broadcast advanced professional quality online meetings since March 2020. If you used vMix before you know that it works!

4. Servers are available between 9 AM ET on day one till 9 AM of day two. This allows maximum use of the service for various time zones. If you need the service earlier write in the comment section of the order form when you need access to the computer instance. We could provide access starting 7 AM UTC of day one for example.

5. Pre-configured computer instances are ready to use. Optional upgrade. Starting configuration includes:

  • Choice of a data center.
  • Windows 2019 Server.
  • vMix Pro / vMix Call / vMix Social software installed with license.
  • Access via Microsoft Remote Desktop Program (RDP).
  • Windows Administrator level permissions.
  • 8x CPU, 32 GB RAM, 10 GB NIC, 50 GB data transfer.
  • 100 GB C drive, 200 GB D drive (for storage).


6. Optional archived image at no cost for fast launch within 30 days. To store data and programs - place them on the C drive.

7. Standard Mon – Fri, 8 AM to 8 PM ET email/phone support, not including the vMix software. 


Sample Use Case 1: Presenters connect via vMix Call to the vMix Cloud service. Add titles and virtual sets, record, and stream in HD quality.

Sample Use Case 2: Connect to remote video sources via RTMP/RTP/SRT. Mix with recorded files. Mix with vMix Call presenters. Mix with PPT slides. Record and live stream in HD quality.

Sample Use Case 3: Connect from the cloud instance to a local Zoom/Teams/Goggle Meet meeting. Export video + audio to vMix. Add titles. Mix with pre-recorded files. Record and live stream in HD quality. 

Got questions about this rental offer? Call Videolinq +1 (904) 330-1026 ext. 1

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