Introducing: Bundles


Many customers call with questions about recommended equipment parts that will work together to record videos or live stream programs to Facebook or other streaming service. To simplify the selection process we are launching a new type of service called "Streaming Video Bundles". This is a list of streaming hardware & software we tested and confirmed that they can work together.

Our equipment bundles are guaranteed to work, and include various packages;

- "Build your own" workstation with low cost capture cards and software combinations.

- "Mix & Stream" packages for multi camera production.

- "Complete Production Packages" for HD or 4K setups, including cameras, mixers, recorders, and live streaming encoders.

- "Tunkey Systems" all-in-one solutions for advanced productions.


Purchase a streaming equipment bundle for significant discounts, compared to purchasing the same equipment individual parts. When you need assistance assamblying and configuring the equipment you purchased from The Streaming Store, order our basic or enhanced support service, and get 1-on-1 assistance configuring and streaming your live event.