4-Input HDMI Capture + Wirecast Bundle

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4-Input HDMI Capture + Wirecast Bundle
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Best 4x HDMI Card + Video Mixing and Streaming Software Bundle

Magewell Pro Quad capture + Wirecast software is a 4x HDMI input PCI Express capture card with a video mixer software that can capture 4 simultaneous 3D/HD HDMI video signals, mix between the sources, add recorded files and graphics, record a master program file in HD quality, and stream out 480p, 720p, 1080p signal to any RTMP compatible CDN. This capture card is a perfect device for low-budget production, when the output quality is not affected by budget. This low form PCIe card inserts into most motherboards, and provides pass through astonishing video at up to 1920x1280 pixels per channel. Recommended configuration for best performance: Windows 10 64-bit, x2 Quad CPU, 16 GB DDR-3 RAM.

What's in the box?
- Magewell 4x HDMI PCIe capture card
- 1 year limited warranty (for the capture card)
- Wirecast software (see upgrade option to Wirecast Pro)

See the Magewell Pro Quad card overview:

See the Wirecast 8 software overview:

  • Wirecast options:
    Wirecast for Windows, Wirecast Pro for Windows