Magewell Pro Capture Quad SDI + vMix Bundle

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Magewell Pro Capture Quad SDI + vMix Bundle
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Best 4x HDSDI Card + Video Mixing and Streaming Software Bundle

Magewell Pro Quad SDI + vMix HD Live software is a 4x SDI/HDSDI input PCI Express capture card with a video mixer software for Windows that can capture 4 simultaneous 3D/HD HDSDI video signals, mix between the sources, add recorded files and graphics, record a master program file in HD quality, and stream out 480p, 720p, 1080p signal to any RTMP compatible CDN. This capture card is a perfect device for low-budget production, when the output quality is not affected by budget. This low form PCIe card inserts into most motherboards, and provides pass through astonishing video at up to 1920x1280 pixels per channel. 

Recommended configuration:
Windows 7/10 64-bit, Intel i7 CPU, 16 GB DDR-3 RAM.

What's in the box?
- Magewell 4x HDSDI PCIe capture card
- 1 year limited warranty (for the capture card)
- vMix HD software (see upgrade options)

See the Magewell 4x HDSDI capture card overview:

See the vMix HD Live software overview:


  • HDMI Audio Input
    4 LPCM audio signals
  • Host Interface
    PCI-Express x4, Half-length, 700MB/s throughput
  • Input Interface
    4 HDMI Interfaces
  • HDMI Input
    4 1080p/60Hz HD HDMI signals

  • Standards

  • HDMI Input Format
    It meets HDMI 1.4a standard and supports 1080p 36 bits Deep Color/2160p 8 bits
  • Output Formats
    40×30-3840×2160, frame rate: 1-100 fps
  • Video Sampling Rate
    HDMI: 297MHz
  • Color Space
    YUYV, UYVY, NV12, I420, RGB24, RGB32

  • Video Processing

  • Color Space Switch
    Hardware Color Switch
  • De-interlacing
    Vertical filter de-interlacing; motion-adaptive de-interlacing
  • Image Scale
    Hardware 5-Tap scale
  • Image Mirror
    Horizontal; vertical
  • Image Clip
  • Image Adjustment
    Brightness/contrast/hue adjustment/
    saturation adjustment/control of monochrome and color/
    Gamma adjustment
    separately adjust the brightness and contrast of R/G/B

  • Others

  • OS Support
    Support the following operating systerms, including x86 and x64:
    Windows XP Professional
    Windows Server2003
    Windows Vista
    Windows Server 2008
    Windows 7
    Windows Server 2008 R2
    Windows 8
    Windows 8.1
  • Software Compatibility

    Windows Media Encoder
    Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
    Real Producer Plus
    VideoLAN for Windows
    Telestream Wirecast

  • Onboard Memory
    256MB DDR2, working rate is 160 Mhz, bit width is 64 bits
  • Upgrade
    Firmware can be upgraded.
  • Installation
    It can be inserted in PCI-Express x4, x8 or x16 slot of 4U chassis.
  • Size
  • power consumption
    <= 6W
  • Product Warranty
    1 year warranty
  • vMix Version
    vMix HD Live (Windows), vMix 4K Live (Windows), vMix Pro Live (Windows)