Membership & Rewards Program

The Streaming Store site loyalty program ended on November 1st, 2018.

Customers who accumulated points in the program are encourage to use their eligible points to purchase new items. Points can be redeemed against new purchases or equipment rentals.

Loyalty points will no longer be accepted or redeemed after August 1st, 2019.


How to Track Earned Points?

Look at the product page for the diamond image listing how many points you will earn after buying the product. During checkout look for how many total points you will earn. After a first purchase, during checkout, look for available points to redeem. Use points earned to get an instant discount, pay for shipping, or simply bank the new points for future use. Login anytime to your Streaming Store account to see how many points you've earned.


Important Note

Since most of the equipment we sell originates in the United States, be aware that reward points will be calculated in US Dollars (USD). When the store selected currency is changed, individual product reward points, and reward points available for redumption will continue to show in its equivalent to USD value. 


Membership Inquiries

If you have questions about this reward program please contact customer service +1 (416) 781-6130 ext. 2.