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Specify Start and End dates of the rental period:

vMix Cloud Computing Instance:
- Windows 2016 Server with remote desktop access
- vMix Pro ver. 23
- vMix Social, vMix Replay software
- 32 GB RAM
- 100 GB data transfer (additional data billed at $0.25/GB)
- 100 GB SSD Hard drive
- 10 GB NIC

Recommended for:
Creation of multi-source video production on the cloud. Ingest video sources as RTMP/RTP/NDI/SRT, mix with recorded media, mix with slides, add presenters real time video, add graphic layers, record to file, live stream, and output to target devices/systems via NDI/SRT.

Equipment Availability:

Rental Duration Rules:
- Office hours Monday to Friday 9 - 5 PM (excluding holidays).
- Cloud computing rentals are offered for 1, 2, 3, and 7 calendar days. 
- The rental begins at 9 AM of day one and ends at 9 AM of the last rental day. 
- Weekend days are considered as 2-Day rental. 
- To extend an existing rental during the rent period contact us by phone any day of the week between 9 AM - 9 PM ET at (888) 676-2300 ext 711 to request an extension. 

Production Insurance:
Virtual machine instance do not require insurance.

Restoration Fee:
Virtual cloud computing systems are pre-configured and tested to work properly before the rental period begins. In the event that you change configuration and the virtual machine becomes unresponsive we will restore the system to its original state and you will lose all preset configuration and media stored. Cost of restoration is $100.00.

Technical Support:
You must have experience operating vMix software. For technical support refer to vMix support resources on www.vmix.com.