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Specify Start and End dates of the rental period:

vMix Cloud Computing Instance:
- vMix Pro version 23
- Includes vMix Social, vMix Call, vMix Replay
- Push RTMP/SRT as output
- Pull/Store content from Google/Microsoft cloud drives
- 100 GB data transfer (additional data billed at $0.25/GB)
- Online tutorials and manual

Sorry, no demos or trial accounts. 

Recommended for:
Creation of multi-source video production on the cloud. Ingest video sources as RTMP/RTP/NDI/SRT, mix with recorded media, add slides, add presenters real-time video, add graphic layers, record to file, live stream, and output to target streaming platforms/services or devices/systems via RTMP/NDI/SRT.

Service Availability:

Rental Duration Rules:
- Cloud computing rentals are offered for 1, 2, 3, and 7 calendar days. 
- The rental begins at 9 AM ET of day one and ends at 9 AM ET the day after the rental day. 
- Weekends are considered as 2-Day rental. 
- Please book the service at least 24-hours in advance. 
- Extend your rental via email or by calling between 9 AM - 9 PM ET (888) 676-2300 ext 711. 

Production Insurance:
vMix Cloud service does not require insurance.

Technical Support:
Technical support beyond service availability is not provided for this service. For additional information refer to the vMix support center at www.vmix.com.

Rental Policy:
Please read the rental policy before ordering this product.