Equipment Not Available

Why Do I See This Page?

The Streaming Store operates this website from our office in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). If you are trying to rent an item and got this page, it means we don't have the rental item for rental anymore. 

Video equipment is sold to most countries, but we are asked from time to time by manufactures not to distribute or sell their products in specific countries due to export restrictions or distribution agreements with local resellers and representatives. As we wish to honor the decission of our business partners, the product you wanted to purchase may not be available for purchase and shipping from The Streaming Store to your country of destination. Feel free to contact the manufacture directly and ask them about resellers or representatives they have in your country. Read more about this type of regulations from our terms & conditions statement. 


Product Inquiries:

If you have any questions regarding the information displayed on this page please contact us for further assistance.