LTE Modem with Service Kit - Rental

Dual SIM LTE Modem
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  • Weight
    8 lbs
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Specify Start and End dates of the rental period:

LTE Modems with Service Kits Includes:
Data transfer billed at $20/GB (1 GB minimum) after the modem is returned. 1 hour transmission of 1080p will consume ~ 4 GB of data per hour.

- LTE modem with 2x Ethernet ports
- 2x SIM cards with service (Primary & Backup)
- Power adaptor
- Carrying case

Recommended for:
Field production, trade shows, or portable encoders. Modems are only rented with our pre-installed Telus & Bell LTE service for use only in Canada. Supports extreme operation in temperatures between -20 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Equipment Availability:

Pick-up or Shipping:
Pick-up from our office, or select 2-Way Shipping during checkout. A minimum of 1-Week rental is required when selecting the shipping option. Equipment ships from Toronto.

Rental Duration Rules:
- Office hours are Monday to Friday 9 - 5 PM (excluding holidays).
- Rentals due back by a weekend or a holiday, must be returned by the next business day.
- Rentals begin before noon of the 1st calendar day, and end before noon of the last day booked.
- Weekends are considered as 3-Day rentals. Pickup Friday morning and return Monday morning.
- Transit time (shipping) is calculated towards your rental period duration. For example, we ship Monday, you get the gear Wednesday, and ship back Friday - if we get the rental back by Monday - the rental period will be 1 week.

Production Insurance:
Before pickup be prepared to show a "production insurance" binder addressed to The Streaming Store, or leave a credit card deposit for the value of the equipment rented. Contact Front Raw Insurance (Canada) or Atos Insurance (USA) to purchase instant short-term production insurance. 


  • Description
    LTE modems for trade show, remote live event production, press conferences, and new product announcement. Modems have 2x SIM cards for primary/failover setup.

  • Shipping

  • Packing
    Pelican case 20x20x10 in, 12 lbs
  • Rental Duration
    Select 1-Day rental., Select 3-Days rental., Select 1-Week rental., Select 2-Weeks rental.
  • Rental Insurance
    I will leave a deposit., I will bring my own insurance., Call me to discuss options., Email me to discuss options.